The 69 Position and A Couple of Jokes

The 69 Position and A Couple of Jokes
Here are some 69 jokes I know:

There is a 68, that's when you do me and I owe you one.

There is a 71, that's a sixty-nine with your thumb up each others butt.

There is a 96, but I can't remember the joke. (someone sent me an e-mail a 96 is when you have a fight).

A 77 is a lesbian act. Because it is like a 69, but you get eight (ate) twice.

A 70 is a 69 for gay men because there is an extra unit involved.

696 is a Freeway here in the Detroit Area, I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere, I'm just not smart enough to come up with it. - Someone said it is a three way, but that second 6 is left out to dry... - - Maybe it is a 69 with someone masturbating in the closet?

6.9 is a good thing interupted by a period.

72 is a 69 with 3 people watching.(I think at this point we are stretching it a bit... That one isn't funny at all)

Here is another Joke:

What is a safe speed for sex? Sixty-eight because at Sixty-nine you eat it. (thanks to the e-mailer that sent in that one).

And another:

Why did all of the girl numbers want to go out with 7? Because 7, 8, 9.

One More:

A group of Lesbians and a group of gay men are all supposed to leave the city for a vacation in the mountains. Each group is scheduled to leave home at 5:00 PM. Which group arrives first?

The Lesbians: While the gay men were packing their shit, the Lesbians were doing 69.

Here is a related joke you can tell your kids:

What did the Zero say to the Eight?

Nice Belt.

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