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Dollar Store Barbie and Ken
People have been writing, they want to see more stuff. I'm going to branch out. At this stage I thought that I would add Barbie and Ken, but when I went to the Toy Store Barbie was 14 bucks! They had some cheap knock-offs for alot less.

I guess you get what you pay for. I think these dolls are supposed to remind us of the movie Titanic, but they are a few points short. For example:

The box doesn't say Titanic on it. Instead, it has a non-descript boat and the words "A Love Story"

The boat has been printed backward so it says "setatS detinU" on it.

The guy doesn't look like Leo DeCraprio and the Girl doesn't look like the girl in the movie Kate Watshername.

Oh well, I had enough money left over from a ten-spot to stop at Taco Bell. Aint the "setatS detinU" great!

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