Yep, this is some doggie style humping.

Humping Doggie Style
This site gets alot of mail. I don't really answer it, and don't read much of it. Once, someone wrote to me and asked if there is any difference between doggie style and anal. I didn't quite know how to reply. I thought of a few snappy ones. See if you can add to my list:

* One hurts more, but you will have to figure it out.

* Nope.

* Depends on if you are a guy or a girl and whether the lights are on.

* About 6 beers.

* A couple of ounces of lubricant.

Here are some answers I received in e-mail...

* About an inch and a half.

* A whole lot of pain.

* If you are gay man, none.

* A couple of octives in the tone of your voice.

* At least $100.

Reminds me of a good joke:

Two guys are driving around in a car. They see two dogs humping on the side of the road. One guy says "That really is the best way to have sex". The other guys doubts his wife will go for it. The first guy says "give her a couple of martinis to loosen her up".

The next day they run into each other. "How did it go?" the first guy asks. "Not bad, but it took 8 martinis". "EIGHT MARTINIS! What happened?" "Well, after 2 she was feeling pretty frisky, but it took six more to get her out by the road."

I like that joke so much it is probably on this site three times.

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