3 and 4 Person Sexual Positions
A Lying Down Anal Sex Position
A Short Video About Me
Acrobatic Sexual Positions
An Acrobatic Anal Sex Position
Anal Sex From A Spooning Position
Anal Sex Positions
Another Anal Sex Position
Cast of Characters
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Coitus From The Back - From The Perfumed Garden
Computer Models
Crazy Criss-Cross
Crazy Upside-Down Squat
Cross Legged Mutant
Doggie Style - The #1 Sexual Position For Fat People
Dollar Store Barbie and Ken
Driving The Peg Home - Against A Wall
Edge Of Bed, She Is On His Lap
Eigth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden
Eleventh Posture Of The Perfumed Garden - Touching Soles
Fifth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden
First Posture of the Perfumed Garden
Fourth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden
Frog Fashion (Froggy style?)
From Behind - "Doggie Style" Sexual Positions
Gertrude and Wendell
Hand Jobs & Massage
He is Kneeling, She Is Leaning Back Against Him
He is Standing Next To The Bed
He's Behind, She is Laying Flat
He's on the Bed, She is Squatting Above
He's On Top, Her Legs Are In The Air
He's Reclined and Enjoying Himself
He's Spooning Behind Her
Her Ass In The Air
How Dolls Without Genitalia Have Sex
Humping Doggie Style
I am not comfortable in the presence of another erection.
I Invented These
I rate this position a 2.5
If He Ejaculates Near Me I'll Kick His Ass
It Is Bad Luck To Cross Streams
Kneeling Pretzel Position
Kneeling, He is Behind
Lying Opposite and Face Down
Man On Top Sexual Positions
Missionary Sex Position Advice for the Overweight
Missionary With A Little G-Spot Help.
Ninth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden - and a joke...
Not if she has smelly toes
Old Faithful
Oral Sex On Her --- Touchdown!
Oral Sex Positions
Other Electronic Characters
Other Fun Websites
Ouch! She's giving him a spanking.
PileDriver with a Nosebone
Put Your Butt in The Air Baby
Reciprocal Sight Of The Posteriors aka Reverse Cowgirl
Reclining In Opposite Directions
Riding the "T"
Second Posture of The Perfumed Garden
Seventh Posture Of The Perfumed Garden
Sex In Space
Sex Positions For Larger People
Shaking The Change From Her Pockets
She Does A Back Bend, He's Humping Like A Dog
She is Almost Standing On Her Head, He is Kneeling
She Is On Her Side While He Is Behind
She is on top and turned to face him
She's On Her Knees
She's on Top & Happy About It
She's On Top and In Control
She's on Top and Reclined
Sixth Posture of The Perfumed Garden
Spooning Sexual Positions
Spooning, With Her Leg Up
Stand or Kneel
Standing Belly To Belly
Standing, He is Behind
Stupidly Asked Questions
Sword Fight Over A Woman - A Dichotomy
Take your love to the edge?
Tenth Posture of The Perfumed Garden
The "Bed Breaker" Four Person Sexual Position
The 69 Position and A Couple of Jokes
The Bad Doggy Position
The Big L Position - Great for People With Weight Problems
The Butterfly Sexual Position - The Cowgirl Position
The Cat of The Wife of Indra Position
The Cowgirl and The Cattle Rustler
The Crab Festival
The Daisy Chain
The First 3D Model, Animated Sex Position
The first of our anal sex positions
The Four Person Position That Doesn't Break Rule #1
The Hummingbird Sexual Positions - Oral Sex Position
The Ice Sculpture Position aka Double SowCow
The Italian Chandelier Position
The Low Hanging Fruit Sexual Position
The Magic Triangle Sex Position
The Man Is On Top - The Love Train
The Man Sandwich - Now We Are Getting Somewhere
The Most Popular Anal Sex Position In The World
The New Mattress Position
The Race Of The Member - From The Perfumed Garden
The Rainbow Arch
The Real Doggie Style
The Rocket Sled
The Saw-Horse
The Slightly Modified Winged Eros
The Space Monkey
The Super Ball Position
The Tail Of The Ostrich
The Threesome Position I Would Use
The Traction Control Position
The Variant Yawning of the Dog Position
The Variant Yawning Position of The Kama Sutra
The Wife of Indra Position
The Winged Back Chair
The Winged Eros
The Woman Sandwich
The Wrap-around Butt-Grab
Third Posture of The Perfumed Garden
Traction Control - Rear Drive
Turning Position - Three Eyed Turtle Sexual Position
Two Man and One Hand
Vertical Spooning On The Edge Of The Bed
Woman On Top Sexual Positions

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