Ninth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden - and a joke...

Ninth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden - and a joke...
This position is supposedly great for making love on the desk, at the kitchen table, or even in an airplane bathroom.

This reminds me of a good joke:

Two guys are driving down the street in one of em's truck. They pass two dogs screwing on someone's front lawn.

One guy says "man, that really is the best way to make love".

The second guy says "I dunno man, my wife is really conservative when it comes to those sorts of things."

The first guy says "Just fix her a martini or two, she'll get into it".

The next day they see each other:

The first guy says "How did it go?"

The second guy said "It went pretty well, but it took seven martinis."

"Seven Martinis!?!" the first guy asks.

"Yeah, after two she was feeling frisky alright, but it took five more to get her out on that guy's lawn."


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