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ExtenZe Male Enhancement Reviews

ExtenZe has released ExtenZe Plus, the latest male enhancement supplement for longer, more effective erections in men today. Manufactured by Biotab Nutraceuticals, the male enhancement drug presently ranks #1 in on-demand erection pills today, as well as #2 in overall sales when compared to Viagra. Clinically tested and approved, comprised of natural ingredients, ExtenZe is popularly marketed on adult channels and websites.

ExtenZe does not promise to permanently change or lengthen penis size. It does, however, guarantee a harder erection, which therefore creates a larger experience while engaging in sexual activity. The company has participated in a class action lawsuit about previously promising an increase in penis size permanently. In 2011, Biotab settled the lawsuit, and markets specifically about the erection performance (only) of the supplement today.

For those that are interested, it comes with a 60-day free risk trial, as well as a money-back guarantee if you purchase the product online.

As for the risks, ExtenZe does contain one controversial ingredient, Yohimbe, that has been proven to cause dangerous side effects in men with low blood pressure. If you are unsure about your blood pressure, please consult a doctor before consuming this supplement.

ExtenZe Maximum Strength 2018 Supplemental Breakdown

No one wants to live an average life, with an average body and an average sexual experience today. We want to have more than just mediocrity; we want to be able to take the future of our lives and our experiences into our own hands.

For men, great pride is taken in sexual performance, penis size, and the ability to keep your lady happy and satisfied. Sometimes, we all need a little boost to ensure we are performing at tip top shape, no matter the conditions. Thanks to the technology and medicine available to us today, supplements like ExtenZe male enhancement pills that work fast and harmoniously with our bodies to give us longer, stronger, and more prominent erections.

Although the time-old debate wears on, it’s safe to say that “size does matter” when it comes to the bedroom. That’s where male enhancement pills over-the-counter come into the picture.

ExtenZe Review

We’re going to provide an unbiased review of the natural male enhancement drug, ExtenZe. We will look at its guarantees, results, side effects, and ingredients, so you can make an educated decision about whether or not you want to add this supplement to your nighttime pursuits. Stick with us until the end to give it a fair review.

What is ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is a nationally famous male enhancement supplement that uses a natural proprietary ingredient blend to guarantee bigger, harder, and more frequent erections in men. Recently releasing the ExtenZe Plus, a new and improved version of the original formula as guaranteed by the producing company, Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc., the 22-ingredient miracle supplement is popularly sought after by men of all ages today.

What Does ExtenZe Do?

ExtenZe extended release promises the follow results:

  • Bigger, harder, and more frequent equations
  • Increased stamina
  • Intense orgasms
  • Fast acting results

Simply stated, by taking this supplement, you can guarantee an erection when things get hot and heavy. With no harmful chemicals or toxins added to the supplement, ExtenZe stimulates blood flow to the penis erectile chambers upon consumption. Due to the carefully chosen natural aphrodisiacs that work together inside one ExtenZe pill, your body will experience a supernatural libido that extends far beyond your natural ability.

Additionally, ExtenZe helps your body to maintain the optimal production of essential hormones, like testosterone. As males age, natural hormonal secretion of sex hormones starts to decrease, which is why ExtenZe can kick-start your body’s ability to perform at tip-top speed.

Lastly, ExtenZe has been proven to increase sexual sensitivity in the penis, thereby providing you with better, longer orgasms. No more premature climax that leaves your partner deeply dissatisfied and unhappy with the overall experience. You can keep things spontaneous, whenever the moment feels right, consuming an ExtenZe if things are headed in the right direction.

ExtenZe Ingredients

So how does ExtenZe really work? The company publicly published the ingredients that go into its male wonder drug, breaking down the organic composition that works harmoniously together for more effective erections.

ExtenZe is made up of:

  • Folate: Also known as a type of Vitamin B, scientific studies have confirmed that Folate increases the strength and mobility of sperm, making it more fertile enhancing.
  • Zinc: Known as an essential mineral for male sexual performance and health, countless studies have proven that zinc boosts testosterone levels and sperm performance simultaneously (Zinc also carries a variety of other critical benefits – it’s worth getting it with a Daily Vitamin as well).
  • Pregnenolone: As a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies, Pregnenolone boosts energy, cognition, brain function, mood, and of course, libido.
  • Black Pepper Seed: Also called Bioperine or Piperine, Black Pepper Seed helps the body absorb the other ingredients thrown into a supplement. It complementarily backs up the other essential ingredients in the ExtenZe pills.
  • Ginger: Increasing circulation, ginger has been used for thousands of years to do everything from cure colds to improve fertility. Ginger specifically prevents impotence in men for a more effective sexual experience.
  • Yohimbe Extract: As an Alkloid extracted from African trees, this extract cuts right to the chase – it increases blood flow to the penis. However, this specific ingredient can cause side effects in individuals with low blood pressure. Please consult a doctor in this case.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: A native Asian plant, the essence of Tribulus has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to stimulate libido, testosterone production, and energy.
  • Korean Ginseng Extract: Also known as Asian Red Ginseng, Korean Ginsenf Extract is more potent than other types of Ginseng, increasing energy levels and improving overall ED.
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa: As a combination of fungus and algae that live cohesively together, this aerial plant enhances sexual performance while providing stamina for longer erections.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid: Also known as GAMA, it’s found naturally in the body, working as a neurotransmitter in your central nervous system. More GAMA means decreased anxiety and depression, better mood, and overall relaxation for better sexual performance.
  • Velvet Deer Antler: Actually derived from deer antler, this masculine addition can be found in most male supplements for performance enhancement.
  • Horny Goat Weed: The name says it all: this weed increases erections, libido, and stamina in men.
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride: Another powerful amino acid naturally produced by our bodies, this ingredient strengthens immune systems and gives you extra stamina with your erection.
  • Saw Palmetto: An herbal ingredient that works to strengthen and support your prostate gland.

That’s not all of the ingredients includes with ExtenZe. There are 22 natural ingredients listed on the label for the new ExtenZe Plus.

Does ExtenZe Have Side Effects?

How exactly does ExtenZe work?

Now that you know what’s inside the ExtenZe pill, it’s time to discuss the pros and cons of the supplement. If you have any concerns about your heart health or ability to engage in sex, please consult a doctor before taking this supplement.

As mentioned above, ExtenZe contains the controversial ingredient of Yohimbe. If you have low blood sugar, the supplement can be incredibly dangerous. Please check with your doctor before consuming.


  • Quick Performance: According to a variety of consumers, ExtenZe fast acting guarantees some of the quickest erections of any male enhancement drug available today. When taken as a drink, the supplement gets right to work in just minutes.
  • Long History: ExtenZe has been around for years, as a testament to its performance and legality. It is even featured on TV.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The company includes a money-back guarantee if you order the supplement online.


  • Yohimbe: ExtenZe can be life-threatening if you do not have stabilized blood pressure.
  • Large Capsules: Due to all of the ingredients in the ExtenZe pills, the pills are rather large in size.

How Long Does It Take ExtenZe to Work?

Depending on how you consume the enhancement drug, ExtenZe overall promises quick performance as its #1 marketing benefit. The ExtenZe directions are as follows:

  • ExtenZe Drinks: If you choose to drink ExtenZe, the ingredients absorb more quickly into your blood stream through your stomach. It takes just minutes for the supplement to kick into action.
  • ExtenZe Pills: If you take ExtenZe as a pill, you have to wait for your body to digest the pill in your stomach. This varies per person, but can take anywhere between 15-45 minutes to get going.

Typically, the drug can work from 4-6 hours in men before wearing off.

Where Can I Order ExtenZe?

There are a variety of online websites that carry this male enhancement supplement today. However, when using this website to buy extenze, you receive a complementary bottle of ExtenZe lubricant that can take your sex life to the next level.

Our Overall Consensus

So what is the best male enhancement pill verdict?


After our research and unbiased review of ExtenZe Plus, we have concluded that this is the best natural male enhancement supplement available on the market today. Comprised of an herbal formula that is safe for your body and even beneficial to your health and immune system, you can rest assured ExtenZe is a sustainable solution that you can use over and over again. Although it doesn’t permanently alter the size of your penis, it grows it in length while engaging in sexual activity – which is what’s most important in the end.

Click here to learn more about ExtenZe.


ExtenZe FAQ

  • Does ExtenZe Make You Bigger?
  • Although the male enhancement supplement doesn’t permanently alter the size of your penis, it does guarantee growth and enlargement while erect. ExtenZe maximum strength works for every guy, no matter your size. The ExtenZe before and after results are quite impressive!
  • Does ExtenZe Work Right Away?
    • ExtenZe is proud to offer male enhancement pills that work fast, available in ExtenZe liquid and pill form. If you consume ExtenZe in liquid form, the ExtenZe ingredients absorb into your blood stream quicker for an effectiveness that takes place in just minutes. It’s a fast acting male enhancement solution available to you today.
  • What Happens if You Take Two ExtenZe Pills Per Day?
    • Although it’s technically safe to take ExtenZe twice in one day, we recommend consuming one of the best male enhancement supplements once per day (just to be safe).
  • Does ExtenZe Really Work?
    • Tested and vetted by millions of men countrywide, ExtenZe is the #2 most popular fast acting male enhancement on the market today. Therefore, it most certainly works!
  • How Long Does ExtenZe Last?
    • ExtenZe can last anywhere between 4 to 6 hours depending the consumer.
  • How Fast Does ExtenZe Work?
    • If consumed in ExtenZe liquid, the product can take effect in just minutes. If you take the ExtenZe male enhancement pills, it will take 30-60 minutes for your body to digest the male enhancement supplement.


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