Flatiron Sex Position

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    Ever heard of the flatiron sex position? If you haven’t then this is definitely one you’ll want to add into your mix. The flatiron position is super-hot and unique. It’s a great twist on your traditional doggie style sex moves. Looking for a new way to keep her attention and keep things hot? Then you will love this sexy man from behind position.

    Her: Lie on your stomach with a pillow underneath your hips. Spread your legs to towards the sides of your bed. Arch your lower back slightly and relax.

    Him: Climb on top of her from behind, entering her slowly. Keep your legs flesh together and grab ahold of her hips with one hand and brace yourself on the bed with the other. Pound it out until you both are screaming in pleasure.

    Why It Rocks: The Flatiron sex position is a tantalizingly fun, energetic and super sultry. What’s not to like about doggie style, after all?