Lying Opposite and Face Down

  • Lying Opposite and Face Down

    Sensual, with a great view, sex positions for woman on top are the best. If you agree, then this position is sure to get your engine fired up. Get a view of that killer booty and kick back and relax, this super-hot position is sure to get your pulse racing and your, erm, body parts all sorts of kicked on. So make your bed, light a few candles and get ready for a great time. Here’s how to master this amazing sex position.

    Him: Lie on the bed. Melt into the comforter. Spread your legs wide with your member out in the open ready to enjoy a great time. Relax your shoulders and your body. Place a pillow under your head or use your arms to brace your head as you lay there.

    Her: Climb on top like you are getting ready to ride the biggest, best dick of your life. Go full on reverse cowgirl and place his member inside you. Lean forward and place your hands on both of his ankles. Pin him to the bed and then begin moving your hips back and forth, front to back.

    Why it Rocks: This is one of our favorite sex positions for woman on top because it is intimate, provides an amazing view for him, and feels oh so great for her. The angle also creates direct friction with her G-spot, which is a plus!