Oral Portfolio Archive

Every man fantasizes about blow jobs. And every woman fantasizes that her man gets better at going down on her. This category is all about both. We’ve shared the best oral sex positions for both of you. There’s no excuse for bad oral sex, but sometimes it all comes down to the wrong cunnilingus or blowjob positions. We’re taking the mystery out of the different oral sex positions out there and giving you a straight shot for one hell of a home run.

Whether you want to tantalize the senses with some ultra sexy foreplay or prefer to get the job done in one go, these are hands down the best oral sex positions. From sexy 69 to knee-quivering hands and knees positions, we have it all wrapped up into one pretty blowjob package.

Drop your pants, grab a partner, and bury yourselves in each other’s fun bits, it’s time to turn those fantasies into reality.