Reverse Cow Girl

Reverse Cow Girl

The Reverse Cowgirl sexual position is one of the world’s favorite positions. While some might think that this position is all about fantasizing about another person besides your partner, we think it’s all about dat ass. But what is the reverse cowgirl sex position, and how can you master it so that your partner falls in love, with it not you?

If you’re searching for sex positions reverse cowgirl in your favorite search engine, you’ll get tons of results. Most of which overcomplicate this very simple, very amazing, position. So grab your cowgirl boots and hat, leave the spurs for the real animals, and climb on top—it’s going to be fun a ride!

Him: Lay down flat on your bed with your knees bent just enough to give her a saddle to ride. Then relax. Be sure to grab her hips and even hair—if she’s into it—and start grinding on her from behind.

Her: Climb on top of your male partner reverse style. Allow your hips to open and then lean slightly forward after he’s entered you. Start riding him like your favorite horse, and enjoy the wild ride that follows.

Why It Rocks: Everybody gets a little bit of what they love all in one amazing sack session.