Traction Control – Rear Drive

  • Traction Control – Rear Drive

    The best off-road vehicles have all wheel drive, but some have rear drive control, this man on top sex position is kind of like that. It gives you total control of your partner and her pleasure—so don’t abuse it! Instead, give it to her the right way, the way that makes her moan your name. You don’t have to be an expert, but you do have to give it your all. Here’s how.

    Her: Lay on your side with upper body twisting back towards your partner. Slightly separate your legs with your top leg folding forward and up towards your body. Look back at your partner to make that ultra hot connection.

    Him: Get on your knees behind your partner. One of your legs will be slightly behind her far leg while your other leg will be just to the side of her body. Grab ahold of her ass and stabilize yourself while you take it to pound town.

    Why It Rocks: This man on top sex position will give him a great view and her some killer angles that get you both to that happy place.