Bent Over Sex Position

  • Bent Over Sex Position

    When we say bent over, we mean it with this pose. Try out bent over sex in a whole new way, exploring the new angling that will rejuvenate your sex life – for both of you. Here’s how:

    Him: Every guy loves from behind sex positions, and the Bent Over Sex Position is no different. This is a sex pose for you, as your woman does all the work, simply plow her from behind to her liking. Hold her lower back steady while you take her.

    Her: Time to get in your stretching. Keep your legs together and bend forward, stabilizing yourself with your hands on the ground. This requires some flexibility to keep it fun for you, so keep that in mind while you warm up.

    Why It Rocks: What’s better than bend over positions? This must try sex position is an easy way to get the job done, requiring no bed or furniture. Do it in the bathroom, on a plane, or in a tent. It’s that easy!