Spooning Portfolio Archive

Spooning is naturally sensual. You both feel each other’s bodies pressing against one another, and before you know it you’re in a hot and heavy petting session. But what about spooning sex positions, which ones should you try out with your sex partner? Which ones will they like and which ones will they hate? The only way of knowing is if you try some out!

In our spooning main category, we give you 6 unique spooning sex positions to choose from. Explore them one at a time or try them out in a single night, the choice is yours. If you’ve got a partner, some spare time, and nice fluffy blankets to lay out, then these spooning sex positions are sure to please you and your partner. Plus, it’s one of the best positions for clit stimulation, which is a super bonus for her.

So, explore our spooning category to get in touch with your sensual side and ramp up your sex game.