The Cow Girl Gaze

  • The Cow Girl Gaze

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Who knows if that’s true, but what we do know is you both will “O” so much more quickly if you look longingly into each other’s eyes. Luckily, this is a spoon position sex addicts like you will love. It’s all about that gaze, hence the name “The Cowgirl Gaze.” So grab your boots and get ready for a good ole fashion stare down, this move is going to make you say “yeehaw!

    Him: Lay with your back flesh with the bed or floor. Grab onto your partner’s hips and try not to stare too long into her eyes. We all know what happens when you do.

    Her: Climb on top of your partner in the reverse cowgirl position. Brace your hands behind your back next to his body and twist your gaze ever so slightly behind and into his eyes.

    Why It Rocks: No other spoon position sex move lets you stare at each other, but this one does. This gets you one step closer to that magical moment.