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    Have you ever watched an action flick, you know the ones with A-List action stars, and heard the line, “Get On Your Knees”? Well, this is kind of like that, except there’s a dick in your mouth. We love to offer our visitors pictures of oral sex positions in this category so you can see exactly what we’re talking about. In this move, you’ll see our mannequin assuming the position and you’ll notice our male mannequin is blankly staring off into space. Rest assured, this position will NOT make you stare off blankly into space unless that’s your go-to when you’re getting the best pleasure of your life.

    Him: Stand up tall perhaps leaning against a wall or other object.

    Her: Get on your knees in front of your man, almost in a doggie style position. Grab ahold of his member and place it in your mouth. Use your hands and mouth to give him one hell of a good time.

    Why It Rocks: Our picture says it all, this sex position is great for him because he’s getting a blowjob, and it’s easy for her because it’s direct access to his member.