Foursome Portfolio Archive

Spicing up your sex life with a foursome might sound like fun, but are really ready for a tumble in the hay with 3 friends? Whether you’re wondering what is a foursome or want to know how to have a foursome like a pro, we want to help.

We’ve devoted an entire category to foursome positions to make your big event a true hit. Foursome sex positions can also be difficult to get right, which is why we have listed complete instructions for how to do each one. No more wondering, no more insecurity, just good clean foursome fun.

Forget about boring twosomes. Take your sex life to the next level with lip-biting, back bending, knee shaking pleasure. Each of the foursome sex positions listed in our category is designed to challenge you to perform at your best, so if you don’t feel comfortable nailing them, then work your way up with traditional sex positions.

Start exploring our selection of foursome positions and wonder no more what it is like to be a porn star!