The Happy Gang

  • The Happy Gang

    Forget about unhappy lovers, The Happy Gang sex position makes foursomes a breeze. Every single person involved gets to experience ultimate pleasure without all the annoying run-ins with the male member (for the guys). Everyone gets what they’re looking for in one go, and it is ultra hot.

    Man one: Lay down on your back with your hips spread wide enough for woman 1 to climb on top. Give woman 2 mouth pleasure while she’s squatting on top.

    Woman one: Ride man 1 like the dirty cowboy he is all while enjoying the view.

    Woman two: Get on your hands and knees as you straddle man 1’s face. Go to town on Man 2’s member for a thrill neither of you will forget.

    Man two: Stand on the outside of the bed while graciously receiving the oral sex you crave.

    Why It Rocks: No one gets left out! This truly is the best way to keep the entire gang happy.

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