69 Sex Position

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    Looking for better blowjob sex positions to give your man a seriously good night? Well, we’ve got you covered. This Classic 69 sex position is sure to please you both. Giving it to your lover the right way cannot be underestimated. Literally, marriages have lasted for years because of good head. The beauty of this blowjob and oral sex position is its simplicity. It’s easy and fun to do. Haven’t done it before? Well, here’s how to start.

    Him: Lay down on your back. Spread your legs slightly. Grab a few pillows to prop up your hips. Go to town on her bits as soon as they hit your face, and oh how they will.

    Her: Climb on top of your man in a reverse position with your mouth hovering over his member. Slide your body parts into his mouth delicately as you do the same with his. Pleasure each other until you both climax.

    Why It Rocks: There’s not much to say, it rocks because you both get some damn good oral sex.