Butterfly Sex Position

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    Ever heard of the butterfly sex position? If you haven’t, where the heck have you been? This twist on traditional ‘girl on top’ positions is a thrilling experiment in new sex positions. We’ve partnered our take on the position with butterfly sex position images like the one you see above so you can see clearly what we’re talking about. Stop googling “sexual position butterfly pics” and start reading more about it here.

    Him: Lay flat on your back on the bed with your legs flat on the surface. Try to lay as still as you eagerly anticipate your girl climbing on top and sliding herself over you.

    Her: The butterfly sexual position is best done if you climb on top of your man while he is laying flat on his back. Straddle his body on either side with your legs lying flat. Pleasure yourself and him as you fly like a butterfly over his member.

    Why It Rocks: It’s low-key and can be done anywhere, plus it feels amazing to everyone involved!