Hucklebuck Sex Position

  • Hucklebuck Sex Position

    If you want to 69 in a way that is more open, exposed, and raw, the Hucklebuck Sex Position will surely get you there.

    Who doesn’t love to 69? For the men who want a better view, and perhaps the ability to eat out some ass at the same time, the Hucklebuck Sex Position is a clever and creative 69 facing position that will leave both parties moaning.

    Him: Simply lay down and put your legs in a frog position, knees bowed out so your cock is open and ready for sucking. Otherwise, get comfy and lip your lips as you sink your teeth into some gaping pussy and ass.

    Her: Climb on top of your man and bend down facing him, with your head at his legs, and your ass open and ready for munching at his face. Place your feet at his elbows, and put your hands under your body, challenging you to really go all in with dick sucking.

    Why It Rocks: This is a fun twist on 69ing that provides both parties with more of a direct eating approach, which can result in some of the best climaxes out there. Plus, it’s not that hard to do!