The Lazy Boy

  • The Lazy Boy

    Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t feel like doing much at all besides getting a blowjob. Luckily, The Lazy Boy is one of those blowjob sex positions that lets you do exactly that. You literally don’t have to do anything but kick back and enjoy everything she’s doing. Every tongue twist, every suck, every flick of the tongue, you will be able to feel it all as you lay back in your favorite bed. Want to know how it’s done?

    Him: Lay down on your back on your bed, couch, or favorite lazy boy chair. Basically, act as though your body is paralyzed and let her work her magic on your member.

    Her: Crouch down on top of your man, holding his knees in place by putting your feet on top of them. Pin him to the bed and then hold onto his hips as guide your mouth over the top of his member. Up and down you go until he cannot take it once second longer.

    Why It Rocks: The Lazy Boy is one of those blowjob positions that’s simple but makes him feel amazing. It’s also super easy to do.