Golden Gate Sex Position

  • Golden Gate Sex Position

    Not everyone can Golden Gate, which is why for the women who can, it’s a serious 69 feat they should brag about for the rest of their lives.

    Everyone loves a good 69. Dicks sucked, pussies eaten, and maximum pleasure at the same time. The Golden Gate Sex Position takes 69ing to a whole other level as the woman’s body essentially makes the top of a bridge with the man below her.

    Him: This couldn’t be easier for you. Simply lay there and get ready to embrace a wet and dripping pussy while your woman performs a seriously impressive acrobatic act above your face.

    Her: If you have extreme flexibility and athletic dispositions, this 69 sex position is worth a try. Sit down on your partner’s face, facing forward, legs spread around his head. Bend backwards slowly to create an arch with your body until you are facing his erect penis. It’s time to get to work.

    Why It Rocks: Not many people can pull off the Golden Gate Sex Position. It all comes down to the female’s flexibility. But, if you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s one of the most insane ways to 69.