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    Ever watched a horse race? If ya have, then this position will look familiar. Race of The Member is a great twist on woman on top, and it makes for something of an experiment if you’re into that. It lets you both explore areas of your body you might not have. A word of caution: it is a physically demanding position, so be ready to get your sweat on.

    Him: Lay your back and bring your legs to your chest. Your legs will then form a “V” shape that your lady friend can sit on top of like a saddle. Your work is pretty much done at this point. Play horsey, it’s fun.

    Her: Straddle your man’s legs and squat down on top of his penis. You get to control all the thrusting by flexing at your knees, like you would if you’re riding a horse.

    Why It Rocks: The position creates a great angle that increases friction between your naught bits. It’s also a fun take on traditional positions.