Hand Stand Sex Position

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  • Hand Stand Sex Position

    The Hand Stand Sex Position is only for the flexible, agile, and daring women who are ready to get pegged standing on their hands.

    Not many people can pull off the Hand Stand Sex Position, which means if you want to give it a go, you’re one of the wild ones. Handstand sex is not easy or carefree, but, it’s totally worth it once in place.

    Him: You get to stand up straight in this one, showing off your biceps while you support the entirety of your woman. Holding onto her thighs while she balances on her hands, provide the balance she needs to keep steady through the fucking.

    Her: It’s up to you if this handstand fuck position is going to work or not. Practice a few times without the fucking to get your balance, then ease onto your man, facing away from him, while he holds your legs. Find a good way to support your weight so you can remain calm through the wild and ravenous fucking.

    Why It Rocks: If the woman is up for the challenge, this is one of those sex positions that comes with serious bragging rights.