Tenth Posture of The Perfumed Garden

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  • Tenth Posture of The Perfumed Garden

    Nothing sounds quite as exotic as the Tenth Posture of the Perfumed Garden. This one-of-a-kind sexual position is so intimate and so hot they had to give it a six word name. But we have to admit, you’ll want to stop and smell the roses with this super hot sex position. Here’s how you do it like the pros.

    Him: Lay on your back on the bed. Pull your knees closer to your chest and put your hands on her behind or hold onto your headboard behind you for added leverage. Let her go to town on your member while you enjoy an up-close-and-personal view of her chest.

    Her: Straddle your man with your legs bent in a butterfly position. Slide down on his penis and slightly arch your back. Place your hands on either side of his head and begin to ride him like he’ll never forget.

    Why It Rocks: The combination of titties in the face and total control going over to the lady, makes this sex position everything a good sex session should be.