Turning – Three Eyed Turtle

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  • Turning – Three Eyed Turtle

    When your roll in the hay turns into an acrobatic dance, pull out this move. Gentlemen, it is one of the  most difficult moves to pull off, but if you can do it without your penis snapping off you’ll prove us all wrong. It’s the fourth position in a four-posture sex position, and this final move involves turning all the way around. And as for the turtle, well, we’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what they meant. Here’s how to make the three eyed turtle your b****.

    Her: Lay down flat on your back, keep your legs together and even lay one foot on top of the other. The objective is to stay as flat as you possibly can while your man does his thing. Wrap your arms around his  back and feel free to explore.

    Him: Lay flat on top of her, your bodies pressed together like the perfect panni. Enter her from the top and give her what she wants. Twist your body all the way around while you stay inside her. Go ahead, try it, we dare you.

    Why It Rocks: The Three Eyed Turtle is as unique as it is intimate. You can’t get much closer than begin flesh with the one you find oh so hot.