Fourth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden

  • Fourth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden

    There is nothing quite like pleasuring your partner. Luckily, the Fourth Posture of the Perfumed Garden sexual position makes it easy to do exactly that. Explore your partner’s ‘garden’ so-to-speak with a penetration posture that is a great finisher for a fun romp in bed together. Male and female relationships will definitely benefit from this position.

    Her: Lay on your back with your legs in the air and spread fairly wide. Once your partner gets on top, position one leg on each side of his head resting your feet on his shoulders. Grab ahold of his arms and stare up at him with all the love you can muster.

    Him: Climb on top of your partner with your hips meeting her ass as move in and out. Brace your arms on either side of her shoulders and let the motion of the ocean carry you away to happy town.

    Why It Rocks: It’s all about angles baby, angles. You can’t reach the spots that you can with this sexual position. Get grinding and moving, your partner will love it!