Froggy Style

  • Froggy Style

    If you love amphibians, then you love this froggy style sex position. Seriously, all you need is some webbed toes and a pond. Wait, do frogs have webbed toes? Who cares, all that matters is this is one fun and sexy sex position. You don’t have to be a pro to do this sex position froggy style, so spread your legs and get busy, you will love this position.

    Her: Lay on your back with your feet up in the air. Put your hands on either side of his legs. Bend your legs slightly as you rest your legs on top of his shoulders.

    Him: Sit down on your butt with your legs spread out. Slide into your partner easily and gently rock back and forth and move her up and down on your member. Bend over slightly to get the angle right.

    Why It Rocks: You can hit it from whatever angle feels best for you both and you get easy access to the front of her body.