The Rainbow Arch

  • The Rainbow Arch

    The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is oh so much sweeter than just gold itself. It’s a hot, sweaty, sticky bucket of goodness. The Rainbow Arch sexual position gives you both what you want, the perfect angle and a killer view. Getting intimate with the one you love or just a one night stand just got a whole lot better thanks to this position. Here is how you can master it no matter what situation you find yourself in.

    Her: Lay on your side with a slight back bend. Turn your neck to look over your shoulder and let your arms spill out where they may go or take one of your hands and start rubbing yourself. It will feel amazing. Spread your legs almost Indian style.

    Him: Enter your girl from behind and to the side. Brace yourself with your arm and slightly separate your legs, putting one in between her legs. Then get busy. Use one of your hands to rub her off while you penetrate her for the perfect touch.

    Why It Rocks: Easy access to all the fun bits and it gives everyone a great view!