Spider Sex Position

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    Hate spiders but love sex? Good news, the spider sex position has nothing to do with arachnids. The spider sex position is all about getting freaky and imitating the best nature has to offer. Spider sex style is absolutely a good time if you know how to do it. But if you haven’t done it before you might be intimidated. Don’t be. Here is how to master this sex move.

    Him: Get down on your back and arch your back like you’re moving into bridge pose Yoga style. Keep your hips level with the rest of your body and brace yourself with your arms on the bed.

    Her: Mirror your partner’s position with your hips over your partner’s hips. Put him inside of you and then bump and grind down onto his member as you enjoy yourself.

    Why It Rocks: The spider sex position is super fun to try at least once. Embrace your inner child and ignite your passion from within