Brute Sex Position

  • Brute Sex Position

    Few sex positions are as complicated, freaky, and challenging as the Brute Sex Position, requiring both parties to bend, twist, and turn in an unnatural way. However, if you manage to conquer the brute position together, what could feel more rewarding? Talk about bragging rights! Here’s how to attempt it:

    Him: Once your woman is in place, slowly squat down atop her, facing away from here, with a stiff bend in your knee. Lower yourself into her, arch your back, and use your hands for stability with her thighs and lower hip region. This is going to burn in your quads – get ready!

    Her: Lay on your back and place your arms under your lower back to elevate the bottom half of your body. Bring your pleasure center into the air, legs apart and bent over your face. Hold still while your man lowers himself into position facing away from you. 

    Why It Rocks: The pleasure sensation that ensues from the brute sex position is like nothing you have ever felt, which is why if you’re up for the flexible challenge, it is incredibly rewarding by the end. Talk about bragging rights!