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    It’s time to get freaky standing up! The 96 position requires a little more strength and agile positioning to get it right than traditional sex poses. In order to keep the 96 position intact, both parties need to be ready to get dirty and show off their physical strength. But in the end, the difficulty is worth it in the feeling – just you wait and see. So how does the 96 sex position stack up for all parties involved?

    Him: This is a nice position for you, as you get to remain standing with a bend in the knee the entire time. However, this is no walk in the park, which is why you need to be ready to support the lower half of your lover while she stands on her hands for you. Angle yourself correctly so that it is pleasurable for her, too. Grab her legs, wrap her calves around your back, and hold on tightly to her thighs.

    Her: Get ready to put in some work for this one, standing on your hands while the male wraps your legs around him, holding your thighs. The balance of his body will make this easier than it looks, although you’ll want to be prepared to support the upper half of your body while. Once in position, relax your tension, and let him do the work.

    Why It Rocks: In all 96 position images, check out the different forms of acrobatics in motion, depending upon the strength and flexibility of both partners involved. No bed or furniture is needed to perform this kind of must-try sex position, known as a preferred stand and carry sex position when couples are looking to mix things up.