Crazy Criss-Cross

  • Crazy Criss-Cross

    It doesn’t get much crazier than this. Just kidding, but for real this position is not for people who don’t like feet. It’s intimate with one of the smelliest parts of the human body. Or, maybe you have feet that smell like roses who knows. But whatever the case, the Crazy Criss Cross is sure to test your ability to pleasure your partner. It almost looks like UFC manoeuvre, we’ll let you judge.

    Him: Lay back with your legs spread out. Pull your partner’s leg on top of you while her other leg spills out underneath you and to the side. She’ll lie back giving you total access to her clit and other fun parts. Start going to town to enjoy some truly sensual sex.

    Her: Put one leg on top of your partner from a laying down position. Allow your other leg to lay slightly bend and relaxed. Let your man penetrate you like the pro he his.

    Why It Rocks: Since you’re both laying down it doesn’t require a ton of physical exertion.