Butter Churner Sex Position

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  • Butter Churner Sex Position

    Churn her butter like a pro with the butter churner sex position. Whether you just love awkward sex positions or want to spice things up, this position will you both make your own butter. Grind it out like they do in the movies, with this one of a kind truly unique sex position. Grab a paper and pen, you’re going to want to take notes…

    Her: First, lie on the bed on your back, then arch your back and put your feet up into the air so your partner can grab your feet. Stabilize yourself with your forearms on the bed.  Kick your feet backwards and enjoy the ride.

    Him: Sit on top of your partner and grab her legs, pushing them slightly forward. Enter her from on top and churn that butter until she gets exactly what she’s looking for.

    Why It Rocks: The Butter churner position is not only hot it’s also awkward—maybe that’s why its hot? Explore each other like never before.