Bumper Cars Sex Position

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  • Bumper Cars Sex Position

    Beep Beep! Crash into each other with some super sweaty, sexy, and hot sex. The bumper cars sex position is hands down one of the most interesting positions you and your partner can get into. Those bumper cars at the local fair have nothing on this sex position. Try it out for a crazy sex position to try and add to your go-to moves.

    Her: Lie on your stomach with your legs spread out behind you. Perch yourself on your forearms like you’re a sphinx. Back up to your man as he positions himself behind you.

    Him: Mirror your partner’s moves. Lie on your stomach and spread your legs and then back up with your head looking the opposite direction. Put your legs over the back of your partner’s legs. Grind it out until you both real in pleasure.

    Why It Rocks: It’s super unique and it is sure to get you both closer to that special point.