Mercenary Sex Position

  • Mercenary Sex Position

    Everyone around the world has either heard of mercenary sex, or has tried it out at one time or another. Since it’s easy, direct, and pleasurable for both parties, it’s no wonder the mercenary sex position is the preferred position for virgins wading into the world of sexy time.

    Him: You’re in control with this one, while you edge up to your woman, with her legs spread and in the air. Ease in-between her legs as you sink into her pussy, stabilizing the upper half of your body with your arms planted on the bed or against the wall.

    Her: Simply lay back and get ready to ride with the mercenary position. Spread your legs, bend them at the knee, up in the air, while your man gets settled.

    Why It Rocks: It doesn’t get much easier than the mercenary sex position, which is why it’s a super user-friendly option for you and your partner to test out during the beginning of intercourse. It’s always good to start with the basics.