Flat Iron Sex Position

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  • Flat Iron Sex Position

    The Flat Iron Sex Position is a classier doggystyle lovemaking act that leaves both parties incredibly satisfied.

    If you are someone who loves sex from behind, then the Flat Iron Sex Position is a more elegant way to go about it. This is one of those new positions to try the next time you two are in the fucking mood.

    Him: Show off your pegging skills while you lower yourself onto your woman, supporting the majority of your weight with your hands on either side of her to the front. Enter her from the back and ease into it for ultimate pleasure.

    Her: Lay down on your front, submitting to your man, with your arms helplessly at either side of you. Spread your legs slightly, with a bend at the knee, so he can fondle and enter your wet and welcoming pussy. 

    Why It Rocks: Both men and women love sex from behind, and this position is one way to mix things up, requiring a bed or a hard surface to make it happen. For comfort, try placing a pillow between the woman and the bed so the angling isn’t uncomfortable.