Arched Driver

  • Arched Driver

    You know those extremely flexible gymnasts who perform at the Olympics every few years? Yeah, this position is the only one we imagine they do. In our list of male dominant positions, this one takes the cake. Arched back, full access to all her best parts, and a fun take on man on top, what’s not to like? Whether you’re looking for a new position to try or have nothing better to do than spend a few hours in the ER post coital, you’ll like this one.

    Him: Get on your knees, preferably on your bed or another soft surface. Thrust your pelvis forward and into your partner as her legs rest on your shoulders.

    Her: Become a gymnast. No really, brace your shoulders on your bed with your head cushioned by a pillow. Arch your back and thrust your hips forward into your partner’s member.

    Why It Rocks: If you want to add some male dominant positions to your sexual repertoire, this one’s a goody. Men, you can pleasure your partner as she arches her back and ladies, you get a good once over while arched in a pretzel like shape. But hey, you burn extra calories too.