Boat Sex Position

  • Boat Sex Position

    This is a more complex sex position, requiring agility, flexibility, and patience from both partners involved in the dirty act. Although it might not look beautiful to a bystander, this classically “lazy sex position” still requires some clever movement to get it right. Here’s how:

    Him: You’re going to need a surface or blanket to grab onto as you take your woman from behind. With her legs spread, place your left leg between hers, and your right leg on the outside of her right leg. Angle yourself correctly, grab the blanket for balance, and go to town. 

    Her: Lay down on your stomach, bend your legs at the knees, and spread them while the man angles himself into you. For the best feeling, position yourself at the edge of the bed so you can hold onto it for support while he enters you. Take this one slow, you’ll want to enjoy it.

    Why It Rocks: The Boat Sex Position feels amazing for both partners, as a deep sex position that with the right angle, can be otherworldly. For the best results, do it on top of a bed so you can hang in there.