Bicycle Sex Position

  • Bicycle Sex Position

    This is certainly a creative sex position, one that is relaxing and easy for the man to maneuver. As for the ladies, get ready to get in some back stretches, while you arch your body into a perfect position for deep and illustrious sex. Here’s how:

    Him: Bicycle sex is awesome for guys, requiring them to do nothing except stand up straight and hold onto their women, at the hips, through the motion. Show off your arm strength in this position, providing her with support while you take her from behind.

    Her: Form an arch with your body, balancing your front with your hands while you look down. Your man will grab you from behind, with his legs spread out around yours, entering you with ease and poise. Hold still and let it rock and roll.

    Why It Rocks: The Bicycle Sex Position requires no bed or furniture to make it happen. That way you can assume position anywhere, anytime, requiring little agility to achieve that perfect synergy.