Face Off Sex Position

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    If you’re looking for a sex position that is sweeter and more intimate, the Face Off Sex Position has got you covered.

    Face Off Sex is honestly one of the sweeter, calmer, and nicer sex positions, placing both parties in control with complete eye contract. The Face Off Position is easily achieved if the man has a sitting surface, like a bed or a ledge, to make it happen.

    Him: Sit down comfortably at the edge of a bed, on a chair, couch, etc. and spread your legs slightly. Embrace your woman as she climbs onto you, facing you, legs spread around your back, with her arms wrapped around your shoulders. Pull her close while you sink deep, slowly, into her.

    Her: Climb onto your man, placing your feet on the surface for stability, opening your legs and slowly easing your way onto his cock while you push your breasts against his chest. Wrap your arms around his back and scratch your nails down his skin to get him going.

    Why It Rocks: This sitting down sex position is an easy way to get romantic, providing both lovers with a way to connect while having illustrious and forbidden sex.