Screwdriver Sex Position

  • Screwdriver Sex Position

    The screwdriver sex position is one of those quirky sex positions that challenges both parties to mix up a classic sex position. With the screwdriver position, get ready to bend and twist until ultimate penetration is achieved:

    Him: As your woman opens her lips to you, facing away, approach her from behind and place your leg leg over her upper thigh. Using your right leg for stability beneath you, hang onto her love handles while you gently plow into her.

    Her: Get on all fours like you’re ready for doggystyle sex. Spread your legs wide, arch your back, and pop your pussy high into the air so your man can wiggle his way in.

    Why It Rocks: This rear entry sex position is a twisted take on doggystyle, providing both parties with ultimate control and pleasure. With some patience, maneuver into place for total penetration.