Legs Over Shoulders Sex Position

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  • Legs Over Shoulders Sex Position

    If you like sexual penetration that is so thick and so deep you’re left gasping for air, this is a sex position for you.

    Legs on shoulder sex sets the scene for an animalistic fucking routine that gets down and dirty where other people won’t go. If you’re ready for a Legs Over Shoulder Sex Position that is acrobatic, naughty, and direct, this one gets the job done.

    Him: Nothing feels better than direct and deep penetration, providing your cock with a total massage. Allow your woman to bend her legs up and over while you drill down, keeping her in place, as she screams for more.

    Her: Lay on your back, pull your legs up in the air, and place your hands on the backs of your thighs to keep your legs in place. Allow your man to ease onto you while he uses his hands to support the majority of his weight.

    Why It Rocks: Legs on shoulder sex is a favorite sex position for most men out there, opening up the woman to total exposure. Remember to take it slow at first while her pussy breaks in and opens up for this kind of ramming.