Downward Dog Sex Position

  • Downward Dog Sex Position

    Every man’s favorite position is probably downward dog sex, grabbing his woman from behind with primitive force while pleasuring her into the wee hours of the morning. With the Downward Dog Sex Position, this kinky and dominatrix style domination leaves the woman helplessly screaming for more. Here’s how:

    Him: Of all the different doggystyle positions, this one places you in ultimate control as you enter her from behind. For ultimate penetration, place her face down on the bed while you kneel on the floor, grabbing her arms and locking them to her back so she can’t move.

    Her: Get on your knees on the ground and lay your torso on the bed, face down. Allow your man to enter you, grabbing your arms behind your back so you can’t move or resist. This downward dog sex style will leave you sexually helpless and begging for more.

    Why It Rocks: Every man loves doggystyle sex – it’s a known fact. If you’re a woman looking to be dominated and punished for the bad girl you’ve been, this is an easy position that requires an elevated surface. Otherwise, get to work!