Monkey Bars Sex Position

  • Monkey Bars Sex Position

    The monkey bars sex position involves a pull up bar prop to get into the rhythm. Requiring the man to have enough strength to hang from the bar while thrusting into the woman, if you’re up for the challenge, then this will be sex you’ll never forget:

    Him: Grab the top of the pull up bar with a strong grip, as you’re going to dangle from it while pegging your woman. Bend your legs at the knee and lift them off the ground.

    Her: Back up slowly onto your man, with his penis erect, as you place it into your pussy gently and slowly. Once you find a height that works for the two of you, help your man with gentle thrusting while you trying this sex position standing up.

    Why It Rocks: This is one of those crazy fun sex positions that will provide you with some serious bragging rights when it’s all said and done. All you need is a pull up bar!