Corkscrew Sex Position

  • Corkscrew Sex Position

    The Corkscrew Sex Position is one of those classic “porn” sex positions plastered around the Internet today. It makes for quite the show, and opens the female up for full, deep exposure. Slightly animalistic, there’s something delicious and alluring about it. Here’s how to make it happen:

    Him: Get down on your knees and grab your woman from an angle, facing away from you. Place her right leg atop your hip, opening her up while her other leg remains relax at your knees. As she grabs your back, from the side, enter her slowly until you get the rhythm moving.

    Her: This pose requires some agility on your end. Place your right leg over your man’s hip, facing away from him, opening up while your left leg remains on the bed. With your right arm, grab onto his back and hold on tight.

    Why It Rocks: This is a deep sex position for ultimate pleasure that places both parties in direct contact with one another. If taken slow with patience, you’ll experience some of the best sex in your life. Get ready to hang on tight and remember to keep your body relaxed.