Classic Kneel

  • Classic Kneel

    You know how football players are taking a knee in the United States in protest? Well, this kneeling sex position is kind of like that but better, and it is definitely way more fun. The Classic Kneel sex position kneeling move is ideal if you want the ultimate in sexual pleasure. No other position gives you access to the backside of your lady quite like this move, and for her, it feels amazing thanks to a killer angle. Before we have you salivating at the mouth, here’s how to nail this move the next time you have sex.

    Her: Bend down on your knees with your legs tight together. Lean forward as far as it feels comfortable and hold onto his hips with your hands.

    Him: Get onto your knees behind your partner and spread your hips as wide as possible. Grab ahold of her hips with your hands and hold on tight. Lean back slightly and keep her in place while you both enjoy the experience.

    Why It Rocks: It’s a kneeling sex position that’s pretty easy to execute and feels oh so good for both of you.