The Magic Carpet

  • The Magic Carpet

    Kick back and relax, you’re in for a magic experience. The Magic Carpet sex position is much more down to earth and normal than some of our other positions, making it a favorite for the average couple. Show her a whole new world, places she’s never been too, with this super sexy move.

    Him: Lay on your back with your legs slightly parted. Hold onto your female partner’s ankles and relax fully as she enjoys the ride.

    Her: Lay on top of your partner facing them with your knees bent and your legs spread completely. Brace yourself on partner’s legs.

    Why It Rocks: You don’t have to be a professional porn star to enjoy this sex position. The Magic Carpet sex position is easy to do and gives him a great view. It gives her a great position to get that powerful O. Try out this move to amp up your sex life for good.