Riding the “T”

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  • Riding the “T”

    It isn’t often that we come across amazing sex positions woman top side, but this one might take the cake. It’s as simple as it is beautiful, and as long as you have a bed and a bit of time, it might become your favorite position yet. Get it on by following these simple steps.

    Him: Lay on the bed. Relax, and take your hands to your partners hips as she rides you. Slightly bend your head forward so you can take a great view of her breasts and body. This position is a crowd pleaser to be sure. Keep your hips slightly agape so your partner can fully feel you.

    Her: Get on top and straddle your partner. Lean forward so you can get the traction to your g-spot and your clit simultaneously.

    Why It Rocks: Not many sex positions woman top side allow you the view that this one does. Couple that view with amazing angles that hit all the right spots, and this position is a crowd pleaser for both partners.


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