The Crab

  • The Crab

    The Crab Walk Sex Position has nothing to do with crabs, that we can assure you. But the crab sex position is a key position if you and your partner have been going at it for a while with fairly tame and boring sex under your wings. Embrace your inner crustacean with this simple to do, yet so hot and fun position.

    Him: Sit down on your ass with your legs spread as wide as you can get them to go. Grab your lover’s hips and hold on to them for dear life. You don’t want her waddling away from you!!

    Her: Straddle your man with your legs spread out to either side of his body. Widen your legs and hips as much as they can go. Brace yourself with your arms behind your back. Slightly bend your back to get that oh so perfect angle. Toss your head back and enjoy the ride.

    Why It Rocks: It is so intimate yet so sexual that it makes missionary look like a dance move. The Crab Sex Position is definitely one of the hottest in the book and gives you a new take on traditional male on female moves.